5 Mistakes All New Parents Make

Being a parent is difficult but rewarding, and it’s quite natural to not get everything right. There are some common mistakes new parents make, and we aim to minimise your worries and stress; after all, we want you to enjoy spending quality time with your baby!


Not Accepting Help

As a new parent, you might find that you’re struggling a bit with some aspects of adjusting to having a baby in your life. Asking for help from someone you love and trust will let you rest or catch up with anything you haven’t had the time to get to. Taking care of yourself lets you recover from lack of sleep, and having a bit of a rest does wonders!


Believing Everything You’re Told

Nowadays there’s a lot of information about babies everywhere, the internet being the biggest culprit. Additionally, we’re sure that you’ve been given a lot of tips as a first time parent by your friends and loved ones.

Everyone in your life means well, but it can be confusing to have so many different voices giving you different advice. You know your baby better than anyone else, so make sure to adapt what you hear to what you know of your baby’s needs.


Comparing Your Baby to Other Babies

Every baby develops differently, and yours is no different! Don’t worry if your friend’s baby started crawling before yours. If your doctor is happy with your baby’s development and health, then there’s no reason for concern. There are general guidelines for milestones, but they’re just that: guidelines.


Putting Yourself Last

Having a newborn baby can be very demanding and stressful. Adapting to your new routine can take some time and leave you feeling exhausted. While your baby is your priority, it’s important to take care of yourself, too!

Make sure to take some time out of the day to nap. Napping is very important for you as well as your baby. If you don’t rest properly you’ll only feel more and more tired, and lack of sleep can lead to you feeling exhausted and potentially run-down.



Not Listening to Your Instincts

You spend the most time with your baby and you learn all the routines, the tantrums, and their preferences. If you feel like there’s something different and not quite right with your baby, you need to listen to your instincts. Regardless of what people around you say, if you feel your baby isn’t okay, then act appropriately; whether this is organising a visit to the doctors, or taking them straight to hospital, you know your baby best.


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