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26 Sep
5 Mistakes All New Parents Make
Being a parent is difficult but rewarding, and it’s quite natural to not get everything right. There are som... Read More >>
23 Sep
Bringing Your Newborn Baby Home for The First Time
Whether you get to leave the day after giving birth or you’ve been in hospital a while, bringing your baby h... Read More >>

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Merry Christmas from the Oh So Baby Team! Read More >>
3 years ago
Christmas is just around the corner, and it's time to get those last minute toys for your little elf!… Read More >>
3 years ago

Welcome To....Oh So Baby

Welcome to Oh So Baby, where you can get all those little essentials that will make your bundle of joy as comfortable as possible.  With the most popular and attractive brands available you are sure to be able to find exactly what you need right here.

When you are shopping for a baby you will want to make sure that you get something that is truly special, something that no one else will think to buy them. Here at Oh So Baby we have exactly that with a range of unique, beautiful baby products for you to choose from that are sure to be treasured.

One of the first items that you are likely to look for when shopping for a new arrival is those items that will make your baby’s bedroom perfect. Our choice of nursery decor gives you a great amount of choice and allows you to create the exact look that you are after. Whether you want soft pastel tones or something a little more vibrant and energetic, look no further than our nursery furniture and decor for something truly special.

Another crucial item that you will want to make sure you never forget is a good quality changing bag. Keep it stocked full of nappies, wipes, bottles and any other essentials and you are always ready for a trip out with your new arrival. We have a great selection of Babymel and Pink Lining Yummy Mummy changing bags available in several different colours and styles so you can always make sure that they don’t clash with your pram or outfit.

If you need a gift for a friend or family member’s child then we have a plethora of gifts for you to choose from. From our great assortment of clothing and other gift focussed items you are sure to find something perfect. From Mobiles to Christening wear we have it all and with our fantastic selection your gift is sure to be the most treasured of all when the time comes.

We also offer free delivery on all orders over £49.99 so you needn’t spend a fortune to get the quality essentials and gifts that you need.